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14 Oct 2021: Referee Meeting - Send-Offs & Reporting

Area 1D Upper Division Referees,

Thank you all for your participation in the AYSO Fall season.  You’ve made it a Safe, Fun and Fair experience for our players.

Over the past couple of weekends, we’ve had some unfortunate occurrences of player Send-Offs (Red cards).  Most have been as a result of two Cautions in a game, but there have been a few which involve either Serious Foul Play (SFP) or Violent Conduct (VC).

As you know, when a player is Sent-Off (for whatever reason), an AYSO Referee Report must be completed by the (Center) Referee, shared with the ARs and then sent to the Area Referee Administrator (me) for review.  All of this within 24 hours of the game.  Once it is completed (OK’ed by the Area Referee Administrator), it is then sent to the Area Director (Phil Ockelmann).  The game cards (for both teams), a hard-copy of the Referee Report, the Time Sheets and the Player Card(s) for those who have been Sent-Off are then delivered to Phil’s home mailbox in Redondo Beach.

Send-Offs can result in a punishment protocol beyond the player’s exit from the game in which he/she was carded.  There are future game expulsions all the way up to expulsion for the season and play-offs.  In severe circumstances, there can be even more dire consequences to the offending player.  As such, it is extremely important that we, as Referees, (a) understand and apply the correct offense (foul) to the player, e.g.., Serious Foul Play or Violent Conduct; and (b) adequately describe the situation involving the Send-Off.  Simply writing in the Referee Report that “Player #3 was Sent-Off for Violent Conduct” does not give the Area Director sufficient information to determine the appropriate consequences.  A retaliatory push to an opponent is very different than a right-hook to the jaw.

Please review the recording below which focuses on the difference between Serious Foul Play and Violent Conduct, and will describe some possible ways that the offenses can be described in the Referee Report. The presentation from this meeting may be viewed here.

2021 Returning Referees' Meeting

Fellow Area 1D Referees,

  1. Area will be hosting all U16/19, and some U14, U12 and U10 competitions.  Except for U16/19 (remember, U16 and U19 are always combined in the Spring), each region got to determine if they want to participate in inter-regional play or simply have play solely within their own region.  For your region’s details, reach out to your Regional Referee Administrator.
  2. I anticipate that the Area game schedules will be delivered to your Regional Referee Administrator by Tuesday mid-day (April 13th).
  3. The Area 1D referee staff hosted a Referee Meeting on Thursday, April 15to review changes to the Laws of the Game (LOTG) for 2020 and 2021. 
  4. Only referees who have completed the three required certifications (Safe Haven, Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest), as logged in their AYSO database profile, will be permitted to referee games.

The LOTG changes and the current Referee Protocols for COVID-19 will be discussed.

The replay of the meeting:

As we start the long-awaited AYSO season, we need to remind ourselves that, in addition to our fellow referees on the pitch, there are two other participants who can help us manage the game:  the coach(es) and the team captains.  This week’s article describes how to use the team captains as an asset during your game.  If you let the team captains know ahead of time what you expect from them, e.g., “talk to your team about substitution protocols”, “help control complaints from their teammates”, etc., you’ll hopefully have another tool to use during the match.

Scott Jarus
Area 1/D Referee Administrator

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